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  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Under Construction

  • Electricity


    ITA is a major developer, supplier and integrator of information management systems, including SCADA, distribution management and energy management systems. Our energy solutions ensure you receive the safe electricity at your homes. Many Energy Suppliers, Regional Electric Companies and Power Distribution Companies in the country rely on our solutions to manage and control their networks. We utilize our technological advantage to further expand our market position and guide our energy customers on their way into the future. With the deregulation of energy market, ITA has expanded its expertise to unite the technical and commercial information systems to deliver the next generation overall solutions. more ...

  • Water & Waste Water

    Water & WasteWater

    Water authorities around the world are concerned with the provision of a reliable and continuous supply of good quality water to industrial consumers and the general public. The management of our water resources is a complex process. It has long been recognized that the quality and continuity of supply depends on secure monitoring and control of the plant involved to provide management information for decision making. Our experience in implementing turnkey SCADA projects would facilitate the connection between your business process, your organization and the people in the organization. more ...

  • BMS

    Building Management System

    Under Construction

  • IT & Telecom

    IT & Telecom

    The growth of the Internet and its associated technological advancement has allowed IT solutions to be applied to SCADA, e.g. Ethernet, and the IP suite of protocols. When talking about Integration of SCADA and IT, the sharing of data networks is a relatively minor issue. Making SCADA data available to Corporate IT, and integrating IT applications and SCADA is the step forward that would revolutionize the business. The major benefit lies in the synergy, as a proven fact that the total is more than the sum of the constituting parts. Nevertheless, powerful telecommunication networks are essential for the success of Information Management.more ...

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